Growing a beard may seem simple. All you need to do is forego shaving for a few weeks, right? The reality is that great beards take diligence and attention to detail, something that may be lost on those who think it’s as easy as putting down the razor for a while.

So, how exactly does a gentleman go about growing his best possible beard? Here are a few tips that are sure to help.

Beard Tip #1: Get Inspired

A great way to get started on growing your best beard is to identify the style of beard you’re after. Do you have more of a clean-cut style? If so, perhaps a shorter, more closely groomed beard is your speed. Or, if you want to go full-bore Merlin, commit to that instead.

Knowing what style you’re going for will make the entire process a lot more satisfying, especially once you’ve arrived at the style and length of beard you set out to achieve.

Beard Tip #2: Invest in Great Beard Tools

There is a small handful of products that will help you on your road to beard growing mastery. They include:

  • A grooming kit
  • Beard oil
  • A small comb
  • Small hair ties (for added flair)

Remember that the best beards are curated with ongoing attention to the health of the hair itself. This includes moisturizing your beard with beard oil and taking care to not let split ends form. Generally speaking, it’s best to perform a beard tune-up once every three or four days.

To keep especially long beards under control, consider adding a hair tie (or two, or three, depending on your beard length). This can do a lot to keep your beard from interfering with zippers, buttons, or the soup you’re eating!

Beard Tip #3: Remember that Color is Always an Option

If your beard grows in a greyer or whiter color than the rest of your hair, you might want to consider coloring your beard. Thankfully, there are beard coloring kits made just for this purpose. A quick trip to your local drug store or supermarket should be all you need to get the color just right.

Simply follow the directions on the box to get the color you want, and remember that you’ll probably have to keep recoloring your beard about every other week to maintain consistency.

Growing an impressive beard is a great way to assert one’s maturity while also adding a sense of individuality to your style. Good luck on your own beard growing adventure!