In just one week, not one, not two, but three wedding bands have been left at an Aldi Supermarket in Dundee, England. The staff at the Aldi stores state they are all male rings and they have all been left in the store since Christmas Day.

Diamond rings

Luckily two of the rings collected have been claimed by their rightful owners, but the third one remains with staff for safekeeping until the owner comes forward. The remaining band is a standard gold band which makes finding the owner even more difficult.

The store manager local told news organizations: “I have had three lost wedding rings in the past week. It seems guys are pulling them off left, right and center.” A reader of the local Evening Telegraph newspaper reported that they had been one of the ones to find the rings and had left it with the cashier for safekeeping.

A gentleman had lost his ring from his 65-year marriage somewhere between the Aldi and a local road, but unfortunately, none of the three rings belonged to the gentleman.

The gentleman’s daughter Jean Ewing said, “Aldi did call my daughter to say a ring had been handed in, but unfortunately it was not his. We hope for my dad’s sake it gets found as my mum is ill and he hates the thought of not having this. If anyone finds it can you, please hand it to a local police station? It’s about the sentimental value.”

Tips on Ring Safekeeping

It’s best to be methodical about your wedding bands as a failsafe. If you take it off for a shower, always leaves it in the same spot on the bathroom counter. If you need to take your ring off for work, always store it in the same area for safekeeping. By making a habit of always doing the same thing with your ring, you’ll always know where to fall back to.

If you just can’t seem to keep an eye on your engagement ring, you should consider keeping the band at home for safekeeping and wearing a silicone wedding band. Silicone wedding bands are a recent trend that allows married couples to keep their actual wedding bands in safe storage while they wear silicone bands out and about. These bands can take a beating, and you can still show your loved one you’re devoted to them. Silicone bands make a great substitute for those who lead active lifestyles and those who can’t keep up with their band.

Hopefully, the third ring will be claimed at the supermarket chain, and men – keep up with your bands! Make a habit of storing your wedding band in the same way or consider a silicone ring. Your ring will be safe if you’re wearing a silicone wedding band out.


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