In the past several years, more and more possibilities related to the stress-reducing potential of CBD have been explored. Of all the possible implications, the potential to benefit PTSD sufferers is possibly one of the most significant. Nearly half of all Americans experience PTSD at some point in their life, while about 3.6% of adults experience it every year. It’s a difficult condition to live with that often involves a considerable amount of therapy and medication. Thanks to a growing body of evidence, however, it’s possible that CBD could be an enormous help for relieving the symptoms of PTSD.

Understanding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD is a disorder that occurs following the experience of some traumatic event. It’s commonly associated with soldiers who’ve endured traumatic experiences in combat, but there are actually many ways someone could develop the condition. Any significantly stressful event, particularly when associated with violence and other shocking circumstances, could cause PTSD. It essentially develops as a response to events that are overwhelmingly stressful to the point of altering one’s state of mind.

People who live with PTSD are prone to high levels of stress, fear, and depression. This is especially true when confronting anything that reminds them of the traumatic event. They may also experience general nightmares, mood swings, headaches, and other symptoms that persist from day-to-day. Substance use disorder, sleeping problems, and comorbid mental disorders are also common. While there are several therapeutic options for managing PTSD, these symptoms usually persist throughout the entire process and take considerable time to improve. With Pure CBD Oil, it may be possible to lessen these symptoms and make them more manageable.

Why CBD May Help

Thanks to research on the potential benefits of CBD, we now understand that there are many different ways it can have a positive influence on our wellbeing. In many respects, the therapeutic qualities that CBD is known for are extremely relevant to the symptoms of PTSD. Stress relief is one important factor, but so is anxiety relief, insomnia relief, helping overcome addiction, and even altering our emotional connection to our memories. All told, CBD may be able to affect many different symptoms related to PTSD at one time.

When it comes to CBD research, stress and anxiety are two of the most prominent subjects. It appears that CBD has the capacity to reduce the intensity of stress responses, including those related to chronic anxiety and depression. This can be immensely relieving to almost anyone, but for those with PTSD, it can be an especially pleasant change of pace. Given the severe mental and emotional states that PTSD forces people to live in, anything that could set them more at ease could be an enormous help. Of all the possibilities, however, the potential for CBD to affect the way we experience memory may be the most crucial. Because PTSD is so heavily dependent on traumatic memories, having the chance to change the way we feel about those memories could be extremely powerful. While official treatments are yet to be seen, the potential that exists is considerably optimistic and hopeful.