Colorado Defense Attorney Uses Two-Pronged Approach to Assist Clients

Hiring a DUI attorney

In the U.S. you’re innocent of a crime until proven guilty, and that includes charges of driving under the influence (DUI.) There are many DUI cases where the client wasn’t treated fairly, or had their rights violated, or the suspect is unaware how to properly proceed to get their life back on track. For these reasons and more, its recommended that anyone arrested or charged with a DUI hire a defense attorney to protect themselves.

DUI information

Denver-based Frankfurt Law Office and Will Frankfurt have been serving the Colorado community for years with fair and honest DUI defense services. Frankfurt believes in a two-pronged approach to helping his clients – moving quickly and giving clients the best possible legal services while they navigate a difficult time.

First, Frankfurt advises moving quickly since the courts and the Department of Public Safety won’t wait on you. In most DUI cases you only have seven calendar days before your license is suspended after a DUI charge, this is regardless of what happens in court. Working with a DUI attorney helps avoid losing your driving privileges and be certain you know your rights.

After action is taken with the local Department of Public Safety and the Department of Motor Vehicles, a good attorney will begin working your case. This includes obtaining discovery from the prosecution, looking over the arresting officer’s notes, deciding on court and proceedings timeframes, and much more. According to Frankfurt, a good defense attorney will start preparing your case weeks before your court appearance. Speed and efficiency helps the client stay protected through proceedings.

Frankfurt also advises a lawyer that gives you plenty of one-on-time if requested. If you’re hiring JONES LAW, you want to meet with Jones, not a team of paralegals or junior lawyers. One-on-one meetings can give the client a better piece of mind and help keep them updated with what’s happening on their case.

Colorado attorney Will Frankfurt has handled hundreds of DUI cases, and he knows the key to any DUI defense is speed and hiring a team that will stand up for you. If you’ve been arrested or charged with a DUI, use reviews and referrals, and quickly hire an attorney to protect yourself and decrease the headaches.

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