If you find yourself in a hospital bed or missing work due to a serious auto accident, you may wonder what your next course of action is. You’ve hired an attorney, but the attorney is wavering on going after a settlement or taking your case to trial. Denver-based auto injury attorney Mitchel S. Drantch discusses the advantages of both settlements and trials and how to get the best of both worlds.

Why Settlements Are Advantageous

Auto accident between car and truck

Settlements are advantageous for a swifter outcome. Entering a court trial or civil litigation can be a drawn-put process with mountains of paperwork, several court dates and hearings, and many other meetings that will suck your time and energy. To avoid trial and the potential costs insurance companies, private parties, and others may choose to offer to settle. In a settlement, the two parties agree to a payout or other form of repayment with the agreement that neither party will take the issue to trial.

Why Trials Are Advantageous

Trials are more advantageous because they typically result in a higher payout for suing party. Trials take much more effort but with that effort comes what many see as a much fairer outcome. Drantch recommends listening to your attorney; if they think you should go to trial, you should listen. Losing in a trial could cost you time and effort you don’t have.

Success in the Court for Successful Settlements

Drantch points to the importance of a successful trial lawyer as the best way to get a good settlement out of court. Though this seems counterintuitive Drantch explains why good trial lawyers the best choice for are keeping you away from the court, to begin with.

If an attorney has had immense success at getting their clients large trial settlements, the companies won’t want to go to trial and will offer a larger upright settlement to stay away from the courtrooms. Not even mighty insurance companies want to go against an attorney that’s effective in the courtrooms.

Settlements are advantageous for their swiftness while trials are advantageous for their larger payouts. To get the best of both worlds hire an attorney with a successful track record of trial success for a better chance at a swift, large, settlement. If you’ve been in a serious accident, you need to start the process with an established injury attorney as quickly as possible to protect yourself.

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