Heretic, Satan-worshiper, seductress…these are the words that have historically been used to describe someone that was considered a witch. With many people becoming increasingly frustrated with organized religion, some of them are turning to Wicca or other forms of Paganism.

Despite what people have believed in the past, being a witch is becoming “more of an acceptable practice.” This is because as a collective, Wiccans and other Pagans are finally dispelling the previous misconceptions.


Wiccans and witches do not believe in the Christian’s Satan. While there are groups of people that do have ties to what is considered Satan, they are not, and never have been Wiccan or witches. It is believed that this misconception may have come from the fact that the majority of witches do acknowledge the Horned God. One of his many forms is the Celtic deity, Cernunnos, the God of nature and fertility.

White and Black Magick

“Magick” is simply the act of directing energy into a specific outcome or desire. It isn’t good or bad; it’s neutral. The intent behind the spell is what is important. Most witches follow the “Law of Three”, meaning if you should seek to harm someone then it will come back to you threefold. Also, even a well-intended spell can backfire if the result of it is not meant to be.

Dancing Naked Under the Full Moon

Yes, witches do acknowledge the phases of the moon. While the new and full moon are both filled with powerful energy for ritual or spell-work, the majority of modern witches do not practice naked or “skyclad”. This misconception comes from the ancients when more Pagans were practicing nude because they felt clothing disrupted the energy flow. Most witches today wear simple robes during spell or ritual work.

All Witches are Female

There is a beautiful and also violent history for women and witchcraft. Many women have used witchcraft to tap into their own power and potential to survive the once very male dominated society however, magick is genderless and there are many practicing male witches. Gerald Gardner is the founder of modern witchcraft as we know it, Gardenian Wicca.

Familial Witch Lineage

You do not need to come from a long line of witches to be a witch. The energy of magick does not care about your family lineage. Witchcraft is a path you are drawn to and choose for yourself.

As the misconceptions surrounding witchcraft continue to fall, you just might find you have a friend stepping out of the broom closet.