What’s the role of a gym software management company? To provide gym software of course. It’s one thing for a company to simply provide a product and walk away, but it’s different when that company wants to be a resource for all parts of their industry. ASF Payment Solutions was founded in 1973 by a health club entrepreneur Richard Reed who wanted simpler ways to help keep track of gyms and their members, but the company has become much more since then. Let’s learn more about ASF and why they’re a gym-goers best friend.

Practicing What They Preach

Woman at gym

The senior staff at ASF Payment Solutions deal with gym management software every day, and they deal with the gym every day too. Alon Fluxman, the CEO of ASF, works out 4 to 5 times a week and Amber Farris, ASF’s Client Support Supervisor, is preparing to enter the Spartan Beast Challenge. The rest of the senior staff and many non-senior members also have their workout regimens. When you use a program or software, you want to know the folks behind it know about the industry, not just about the software. ASF meets those criteria – it’s software for gym rats by gym rats.

Providing Expert Resources

ASF Payment Solutions also provides resources for gym-goers right on their website. When you visit ASF’s site you can learn about the latest and greatest ways to invoice your customers, but you can also head to the frequently updated blog that’s aimed at both managers and members, click on multimedia like pictures and videos, learn more about the training regimens of the ASF staff, figure out different ways ASF can assist your gym outside software alone, and much more. Even if you have no use of gym management software, you can visit ASF’s site as a workout resource.

ASF Payment Solutions started as an outsourcing service for billing gym members but has evolved over the years to much more than simple billing software. Visit ASF’s website or check out their blog to see what type of resources you can find whether you’re an owner, manager, or are thinking about spending some time in the gym. ASF’s resources and growth has helped keep them relevant as the industry has evolved.


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