Idaho Company Tailors Technological Services to Individual Industry


Imagine two unique offices, with 50 employees each. One of those businesses operates a painting service while the other one deals with education proposals. Though these offices are the same size, do you really think they need the exact same office solutions? Of course not. An owner who runs a dental office and someone who runs a construction firm will need different types of solutions to run their office the best possible way. Luckily almost any type of business can get the help they deserve thanks to Fisher’s Technology, a full-service digital solutions outfit.

Managed service

Fisher’s got their start selling and renting copiers and faxes, but in 2013 they changed their name from Fisher’s Document Services to Fisher’s Technology, to reflect their IT and workflow solutions. Though the company has only been specializing in widened levels of support for only few years, they’ve quickly become popular thanks to their industry-specific approach.

Unlike many big-box digital solutions company who give options based only on employee size, Fisher’s gives tailor-made solutions depending on the size of your company and the type of company you run. For example, Fisher’s government and education services focus on state, federal, and local-government supported organizations like charter schools or building departments.

When it comes to healthcare, Fisher’s focuses on handling large amounts of private data while keeping both the customer and the doctor safe from prying eyes. Though they can help with just about any industry the company is best at helping government and education entities, healthcare organizations, nonprofits, manufacturing outfits, and more. Not only can they set you up with custom IT or workflow solutions, they can even cater to specific departments within your company because like different industry, different departments have different needs too. Custom solutions and managed services in Boise can give strategy to your finance department and a different strategy to your human resources department.

There are countless companies who claim to provide digital solutions for small businesses, but not many of them can modify and customize office solutions for your specific industry, and different departments within that industry like Fisher’s Technology can. Fisher’s flexibility and ability to change with the digital world has put them a step ahead of other competition.

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