Jon Urbana

Jon Urbana

Jon Urbana’s Lacrosse career at the University of Villanova speaks volumes on the skill level you can expect from Urbana. While the numbers speak for themselves, let’s review Urbana’s awards and accolades during his three seasons at Villanova to get a snapshot of Urbana’s lacrosse skill set and expertise.What’s the most important piece of equipment for lacrosse? You could answer equipment such as lacrosse sticks, or protective headwear, and it would be difficult to argue against? There are several important pieces of equipment and attire when it comes to lacrosse, including footwear.

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Footwear is important to lacrosse, and the proper footwear can make a difference between slipping on the turf and rolling your ankle and scoring the game-winning goal. To help you get the best possible lacrosse, let’s examine five boxes you need to check when choosing lacrosse footwear.

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Lacrosse Footwear


The fit is high up there on the priorities for lacrosse shoes. A bad fit can cause foot issues such as blisters, poor circulation, turf toe, jammed toes, and other issues that will make lacrosse no fun for anyone. Take your time when getting your lacrosse shoes sized and remember that your feet can swell up to a full size during heavy activity, like in lacrosse.


Materials for lacrosse shoes should be durable and flexible such as synthetics. Try any potential lacrosse shoes on and run around the store. The material should bend but not break, and allow you some flexing. Stay away from materials that are too stiff or too thin.


Lacrosse shoes come with several different styles of “uppers,” or the upper part of the shoe around the ankle. High tops prevent ankle rolling, low-cuts allow the most mobility, and a mid-upper is a good middle between both.


Just because one show is more expensive than the other, does not mean it’s the best shoe. Take shoe prices with a grain of salt as most major brands get to mark their products up for having their logo. Do not let price be the deciding factor when it comes to lacrosse footwear.

The “X” Factor

You can’t define the X factor, but it’s the feeling you get when you slip on a potential pair of lacrosse cleats, and they feel good. It’s hard to describe, but most of us had tried on a pair of shoes before that worked, they had “it.” Look for it in your next pair of lacrosse footwear.

Learning the basics of lacrosse should be the goal of both parent and child before getting your child enrolled in a lacrosse camp or league. To get the most out of the sport, parents should enroll their kids in a summer lacrosse camp, like Jon Urbana’s Next Level Lacrosse Camp in Denver, Colorado. A camp like Urbana’s can teach kids the elements of the sport, as well as the proper elements that come with the sport like footwear.

With the proper coaching and proper footwear, your kid is ready to tackle the fastest growing sport in the US, and the fastest sport played on two feet.

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