Sean Hakes

Sean Hakes

Sean Hakes
Occupation: CEO, Altitude SEO


Sean Hakes is a serial entrepreneur located in Denver, Colorado. He currently serves as the Founder & CEO for Altitude SEO, a digital marketing agency located at 2851 S. Parker Road in Denver, Colorado. Additionally, he founded

Sean Hakes got his start in 2001 when he launched ‘IDM-Systems’ (Internet Design Media Systems.) IDM Systems was a full-service website development and digital marketing agency headquartered in Littleton, CO.

Sean Hakes currently resides in South Denver his wife, and two children. Sean’s wife, Adriana operates Castle Rock Community News, a subsidiary of The Colorado Press.

Sean currently holds his private pilot’s license which he utilizes to fly, and meet clients in Boise, ID, Portland, OR and Austin, TX.


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