You’ve been with your girlfriend for five years and you’re ready to turn her from your girlfriend into your fiancé. The first step in getting the woman or man of your dreams is by buying an engagement ring. Buying an engagement ring can be complicated and for some it’s the first time they’ve ever shopped for jewelry. Let’s learn some tips on buying the perfect engagement ring with guidance from John Atencio.

3 Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring

Triple-Check the Size

You may want your engagement to be a surprise but if you surprise them with an engagement ring that’s too big or small, it might take some of the joy out of the proposal. It’s not enough to guess, steal a ring to size, or ask their friends – you need concrete, recent measurements. Try having a friend take them out to be sized for “future” plans or ask them directly if you’re that type of couple. The surprise aspect of engagements is important but a properly sized ring is more important.

Get Feedback from the Future Engaged

Again, you probably want the engagement to be a surprise but you shouldn’t go buy a ring by your lonesome. The person you’re proposing to will be wearing the ring the rest of their life – so they better like it! You can look at their current jewelry to get an idea on their style, ask with a close friend or family member, and ask indirect questions to help determine the right type of ring. If you’re a more direct couple you can go shopping for the ring together.

Use a Reputable Jewelry Store

Any search for the perfect engagement ring should begin with a local and reputable jeweler. A reputable jeweler is your go-to for any engagement rings and can assist on sizing, stone and band selection, price, and more. You can tell the jeweler about the person being proposed to and they can assist you with options that relate to their tastes and styles. Buying online is great for selection and variety but you won’t get any customer service – a necessary step when buying any engagement ring.

It’s easy to buy the perfect engagement ring if you follow these tips. Be 100% certain on sizing, get feedback from the one who will be wearing it, and start any search at a reputable jeweler. With these tips you’re certain to get a ‘Yes,’ and later an ‘I do.